Top 5 Veterinarians in Boston MA

Veterinarian in Boston MA

Top 5 Veterinarians in Boston MA

The choice of a veterinarian in Boston MA is a personal decision for every pet owner. One must consider a number of factors, including the location of the clinic, its hours of operation and the type of services offered.

Heal Veterinary Clinic provides feline friendly veterinary services in a low stress setting. Their state of the art facility offers onsite dental care, surgery, and radiology.

Burlington Veterinary Hospital

Burlington Veterinary Hospital is a pet hospital in the Greater Boston area that provides emergency services for dogs and cats. The hospital’s state-of-the-art facility and top-of-the-line surgical and diagnostic equipment ensure that patients receive the best care possible. The hospital also offers routine services, such as X-rays, laboratory tests, and dental cleanings.

Lidia spent her childhood working at a local vet clinic and developed a love for animals, which eventually led to her career in the animal industry. She graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College and worked at various practices before purchasing Orchard Animal Hospital with Dr. D’Amico in 2017. She lives in Burlington with her husband and three young children, and their dog Rogue, cat Storm, and a rescued beagle named Mollie.

Heal Veterinary Clinic

Heal Veterinary Clinic is a small animal hospital with a focus on urgent care. Their goal is to provide a better experience for pets and their owners. They offer longer appointments and a team trained in gentle animal handling techniques. The facility is designed with patient comfort in mind and features cat only exam rooms.

Dr. Henry graduated from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has since practiced general veterinary medicine for 11 years in the metrowest area. She has a particular interest in shelter and rescued pets.

Old Derby Animal Hospital

This cat-friendly hospital offers routine veterinary services for dogs, cats, and rabbits. It also offers onsite boarding and grooming. It is a state of the art facility designed with pet comfort in mind. It uses a paperless transaction system and utilizes low-stress handling techniques for its patients.

Jordan grew up with a house full of pets and knew she wanted to help animals as her career. She has an Associates Degree in Animal Science and is working towards becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician. She enjoys indoor gardening and spending time with her troublemaker dog, Mosey.

Highland Animal Hospital

Located inside the New England Wildlife Center, Odd Pet Vetis a full service small animal veterinary hospital that is designed to treat exotic animals and birds. It has a full range of services including wellness exams, dental visits, surgery, and diagnostics. It also offers low-stress handling techniques for pets and owners.

Bryce grew up attending Civil War reenactments with her family where she learned to appreciate and respect the human animal bond. Her passion for fostering this bond is what led her to a career in veterinary medicine.

Parkway Veterinary Hospital

Parkway Veterinary Hospital is the home to many happy pets and their owners. Its team focuses on wellness, medicine and surgery. In addition, it offers a comfort room for end of life care. They also offer digital radiology for quick results.

They have 12 exam rooms to accommodate appointments and keep waiting times low. The clinic also has a large treatment area, laboratory and surgical suites. In addition, it has an ultrasound room for more accurate diagnostics.

They accept pet insurance and work with payment solutions like Scratchpay and CareCredit. This way, you can save up to 90% on unexpected vet costs.

The Boston Cat Hospital

The Boston Cat Hospital offers primary veterinary care that is customized to your pet’s specific needs. This can include routine checkups, non-urgent illness exams, and blood, urine, and fecal testing. They also provide vaccinations and routine dental work for your cat. They also offer spay and neuter services to prevent breeding and humane options for end-of-life care.

Dr. Hemstreet is a North Carolina native who has spent 8 years in Raleigh prior to graduating from NC State with her bachelors and doctorate of veterinary medicine degrees. She has a special interest in small animal integrative medicine and low stress exam and restraint techniques. She enjoys cooking, backpacking and sailing in her spare time.

Odd Pet Vet

The vets at Odd Pet Vet don’t just treat cats and dogs. They embrace exotic pets and the people who love them. They’ve treated animals as diverse as tortoises, Flemish giant rabbits, pigeons, and even a hamster. They also work with wild animal species, which can’t be kept as pets, at New England Wildlife Centers and Drumlin Farm.

To help you afford the costs of unexpected vet bills, many pet owners choose to get pet insurance. Pawlicy Advisor can help you find the best plan for your budget, and most plans will reimburse you up to 90% of your vet bill.

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